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Response to the bidder’s requests for clarification of Bidding Documents for procurement of Equipment and simulation models
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Referring the ICB Package “Equipment and simulation models for the Grants to innovate the competency-based education program” (No. GC1-ICB99), Central Project Management Unit (CPMU) of the Health Professionals Education and Training for Health System Reforms (HPET) published the Specific Procurement Notice in UNDB Online, the World Bank’s external website on 31 July, 2019 and on Bao Dau Thau, Vietnamnews newspaper on 01 August, 2019.

During issuing the Bidding Documents, CPMU of HPET has received bidders’ requests for clarification of the above-mentioned Bidding Documents.

Now, CPMU of HPET would like to respond in writing to the bidder’s requests for clarification of Bidding Documents as follows:

1) Bidder’s request for clarification of the Bidding Document: “On page 37, item (i) of 3.1 Postqualification Requirements (ITB 36.1) shows that minimum working capital shall be: (i) USD 350,000 equivalent for lot 1; USD 300,000 equivalent for lot 2; (iii) USD 230,000 equivalent for lot 3; (iv) USD 90,000 equivalent for lot 4; (v) USD 200,000 equivalent for lot 5; (vi) USD 160,000 equivalent for lot 6. In case of a joint-venture, the total working capital of all members of the joint-venture must meet the above requirement.

So, the working capital mentioned above is the one of which time? August of 2019 or at the end of the year 2018?”

CPMU’s response to bidders:

At this stage, the Purchaser do not evaluate any detailed documentation submitted or intended to submit by bidders.

Bidder shall furnish with its bid the documentary evidence of the Bidder’s qualifications to perform the contract if its bid is accepted.

Bidder should note that after determining the lowest-evaluated bid in accordance with ITB 35.1, the Purchaser shall carry out the postqualification of the Bidder in accordance with ITB 36, using only the requirements specified. Requirements not included in the ITB 36 shall not be used in the evaluation of the Bidder’s qualifications (page 37, 38 of the Bidding Documents).

2) Bidder’s request for clarification of the Bidding Document: “According ITB 19 at page 15 and 16 of Bidding document to specify the Bid Security, we would like to send this notice to ask about the compliance of that Form of Bid Security issued by our bank for our Bid submission.

Please, find that Form in attached document with this notice. Our Bid security shall be issued in one bilingual original in English and Vietnamese. Could we use that Form of Bid Security issued by our bank as attachment for our Bids?”

CPMU’s response to bidders:

As specified in ITB 6.4, the Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms, and specifications in the Bidding Documents and to furnish with its Bid all information or documentation as is required by the Bidding Documents.

Following ITB 10 “Language of Bid”, the Bid, as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the bid exchanged by the Bidder and the Purchaser, shall be written in English. Language for translation of supporting documents and printed literature is English. Supporting documents and printed literature that are part of the Bid may be in another language provided they are accompanied by an accurate translation of the relevant passages into English, in which case, for purposes of interpretation of the Bid, such translation shall govern.

Following ITB 19.1, a Bid Security (issued by bank) shall be required. Bidder shall examine and follow the ITB 19 to submit with its bid a substantially responsive Bid Security.



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